Photo of the Reykjavik Downtown Hostel Photo taken from Hostelling International Iceland

Photo of the Reykjavik Downtown Hostel
Photo taken from Hostelling International Iceland


One night at a hotel: ISK 19,700-35,000 (USD 173-308*)
At some hotels, breakfast is included.

The least expensive night at a dorm in a hostel costs approximately ISK 10,000 (USD 88*). A good website to check is Hostelling International Iceland

There are plenty of beautiful Airbnb options to choose from. The neighborhoods closest to the conference centre are Miðbær (downtown - 101), Vesturbær (107) and Hlíðar (105). The first two are close to Harpa conference hall where the keynotes will take place and the university where the panels will take place (101). Hlíðar is a bit further away (an approximate 30-minute walk to either destination but it’s easy to take the bus). The above Airbnb link has been filtered by the indicated neighborhoods. 


From the airport to your hotel, you can take an airport shuttle for ISK 3,000 (USD 26*). If you are traveling with others, it might be less expensive or cost the same to share a taxi. 

The Reykjavik City Card costs ISK 5,900 (USD 52*) for three days and can be used for the bus, museums and galleries, and even the swimming pools! 

If you take a City Bus, we are on routes 1, 3 and 6. There are downloadable PDFs of schedules and maps which you can use to plan your routes. Otherwise, you might want to rent a bicycle or an e-bike. 

To download a map of Reykjavik with the conference locations marked out, please click here

To download a map of the University of Iceland with the conference buildings marked out, please click here

A Note on Transportation

It is a 5 min. walk from the University of Iceland to both Háskólabíó Theater and the Nordic House. It is a 10 min. walk from the university to Reykjavík City Hall. It is a 20 min. walk from the university to Harpa Concert Hall and Conference Center. A guide will lead the way before the first keynote (look at for a person with a sign at Háskólatorg after the last panels finish there on 2 June). Buses nr. 1, 6, and 12 run from the university to Harpa; nr. 12 stops at Hringbraut on one side on Sæmundargata, a few minutes’ walk from Háskólatorg. Cross the street to get the nr. 1 and 6 into town. The Icelandic bus service, Strætó, offers a free, English-language transportation app for smart phones (straetó bs.) on which it is possible to find bus routes and buy bus tickets. The Reykjavík City Card is valid for buses. If you are unable to walk, please email us at or contact venue staff.

Garlic Roasted Langoustines Photo taken from Flickr

Garlic Roasted Langoustines
Photo taken from Flickr


Dinner and a glass of wine at a casual fine-dining restaurant costs around ISK 7,500 (USD 66*). Lunch is less expensive. You can get a meal and a soft drink at around ISK 2,500 (USD 22*). 

We will negotiate an affordable lunch deal for you at the University of Iceland canteen.

Among Icelandic supermarkets, Bónus and Krónan are the least expensive.

Please note that tap water in Iceland is potable, so there is no need to buy bottled water. You may also usually ask for a glass of water in restaurants for free. 

General and Tourist Information

The Official Travel Guide to Iceland

Official Tourist Website of the Reykjavik Capital Area

Historical Background, General Information and Statistics about Iceland

Weather Forecast and Information

Safety Guidelines

Daily News from Iceland

Upcoming Events in Iceland

Harpa Concert and Conference Centre
(where the keynotes are taking place)

Keflavík International Airport

Air Iceland
(for domestic flights)

(for cheap accommodation and flights)


* Please note that all prices stated in USD are approximations based on currency exchange rates, which fluctuate daily.