The program starts with the roundtables at 3 pm on Thursday, June 1, with an opening reception and a film screening that evening. The panels will take place Friday and Saturday, June 2nd and 3rd, starting at 8.30 am, with a quiz night on Saturday. The first two keynotes are planned in the afternoon on Friday June 2nd with a reception at the city center in between, and the final two in the morning and at noon on Sunday, June 4th. Optional excursions which vary in length (from 90 minutes to seven hours) are scheduled from 2 pm that day.

The 60 panels feature a variety of subjects, such as: memoir, media studies, otherness, animals, comics, translation, hybridity, place, queer, ekphrasis, social justice, climate change, visual design writing, gender, pedagogy, and making art writing, amongst others


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