Húslestur at NonfictioNOW 2017


This year, for the first time, NonfictioNOW is pleased to add a series of roundtable discussions, or Húslestur, to the conversation on the following topics:

  1. Pedagogy
  2. Hybridity: The Edges of Nonfiction
  3. Truth, Ethics and Empathy
  4. Ecologies and Place

Húslestur, which means 'house reading’ in Icelandic, used to be a custom among Icelanders. They would sit around at night and one of the family members would read aloud from a book for the rest of the household. It was a festive moment and everyone listened attentively. Afterwards they would discuss the readings. At NonfictioNOW 2017, we hope to incorporate this tradition into our program with our roundtables. 

Papers that you submit will not be read out at the roundtable. Instead, moderators of each session (there will be two) will read these papers beforehand and use them as a guide for the issues and questions to be discussed. The papers will also be collated and disseminated to all roundtable participants before the session. It will be up to the chairs’ discretion how each session is run, but imagine these as lively, focused conversations on the topics. You may submit a paper without participating in the roundtable discussion, if you’d like, but you have to submit a paper to participate. Visitor sit-ins will not be allowed due to space constraints. 

If you would like to participate in one or more of these round tables, please submit a complete paper of up to 500 words by February 14th, 2017. We hope to accept most, if not all of these contributions to the discussion and will endeavour to distribute them in some form or another in time for the conference, whether online or as a printed compendium. Please also clearly identify which discussion you are interested in attending.