NonfictioNOW 2018 Call for Roundtable Proposals

Continuing the successful tradition begun at the 2017 conference in Reykjavik, NonfictioNOW is pleased to announce another series of roundtable discussions, or húslestur, on the following topics:

1.    Pedagogy
2.    Hybrid Forms
3.    Translation
4.    Writing for Social Change
5.    Writing the Body/Self
6.    Hauntings (ghosts, memories, "the other")

Húslestur, from the Icelandic, refers to the family custom of gathering at night to read aloud and discuss ideas. At NonfictioNOW 2018, we invite attendees to join us to consider one of these abundant topics.

Submitted papers will not be read aloud at the roundtable. Instead, two moderators will read them beforehand and use them to guide a lively and focused discussion. Papers will also be collected and shared online with all húslestur participants. In order to allow as many people to participate as possible, already accepted panelists should not submit roundtable papers. You may submit a paper without participating in the roundtable, if you’d like, but you must submit a paper to participate. Auditors will not be allowed due to space constraints.

If you would like to participate in one or more of these roundtables, please submit a finished paper of up to 500 words by September 20, 2018, indicating your húslestur topic and your name, email, and affiliation (if any). We hope to accept most, if not all, of these contributions.